You Are

You are quietly confident, but your quietness can be perceived as weakness. You are standing in a crowded room and you maybe know a lot of people but you’re still standing alone because you don’t quite fit in. Or maybe you avoid the crowded room altogether because the thought of even trying to conform to the way everyone expects you to be or act scares you. We all are trying to find our place in this world right? There is so much stress put on us to do well in school, to find a good job and be successful, to just deal with all of the heartbreaks and letdowns because sulking around in your room eating ice cream all day would set us back from reaching these goals that the world has for us. But what about those who dare to be different?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are immeasurably more, you are covered in grace, you are important (read this Thought Catalog post to remind you how important you are). So don’t stop being you because there is only one you and the world would be missing a very important piece without you. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we can put our trust in the One who holds tomorrow and who will be there to hold our hand and to remind us how wonderful we are. So in the words of Hunter Hayes, “Every heart has a rhythm, let yours beat so loudly that everyone can hear it.”

crystal“I am a little bit silly, but a whole lot blessed!” – Crystal

“I am a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister and a little crazy. When life gets you down and out there is always going to be a bend in the road and it may get harder, but it will always lead you to what you were meant to go and what you were meant to have in front of you. Each of us are amazing in our way and it may take you years to find yourself but keep looking never stop growing.” – Shannon

erin “I am afraid of my own individualism, yet enjoy acting in eccentric ways.. The human mind baffles me everyday!” – Erin

“I am white. I am privileged. But I do not receive the same white privilege as most.” -Tyler


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