Time to Lose Control

Going to a Christian school, it seems as if it would be easy for students to grow in their faith, to be surrounded by friends who can keep them accountable and making sure they are walking down the correct path. We all go to chapel, take the required Bible classes, have a smile on our faces and say we are “good” when someone says, “hey, how are you?” We act like we have it all under control when really our lives are  chaotic mess of things just falling out of order all over the place.

This week was Point Loma Nazarene University’s “Renewal Week,” designed to encourage students to take time away from all of the stress, school work and crazy life things that they have going on and just devote everything to God.

If you have grown up in a Christian home, or go to a Christian school we hear that all the time, but you know what? I think it might be 100% true.

Well-known blogger and TED Talk speaker Hannah Brencher, wrote a blog post entitled Do What it Takes to Make Me Your Gold. In it she discusses her struggle to give all control to God and encourages other to strive to do that. “I am running, and doing, and pulling, and prying, and trying my hardest (my absolute hardest) to make life move without him.”

The first piece of advice she gives is to give up control. It is as if God has a list of things to change within us, and that can make it easier for us to want to resist Him taking control because change is scary.

She also describes the world’s lack of trust in God as pointing to the fact that “the world has constructed a lot of gods out of God” (HB). He is seen as the God of wrath, the party-pooper, the lukewarm God, or the God that showers you with love. So how can we give control to this God who seems so inconsistent?

Our major fault that restricts us from giving all control over to God is that we try to get in the way. We are so caught up in trying to make things right for ourselves that we don’t have the time to hear what God is constantly trying to tell us: “I want so much of you. I am so jealous for you. I love you bigger. Bigger than your little mind can ever know. And that is why I can never leave you this way.  Sitting in the tubs of your own emptiness. That is why I can’t keep you here, clutching old garments of your past” (HB).

So how about you lose control. Let all of the things that you have been trying to carry fall to the ground and don’t pick them up. If you give God the permission to pick it up for you and give Him your attention, you may just hear everything He has been trying to tell you and you may just find that things fall right into place.


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